30 Mar

My husband has been away for a week, and no one from our church has contacted me in that time. Granted only about 20 people know that he is away, and where, but you would think that someone could just call and say “how are you doing?” “do you fancy getting together for a coffee?” etc. All there is is nothingness. Church isn’t supposed to be like this surely? Isn’t it supposed to be a community of people who come together, help one another out etc? The most support I’ve had this week has been from a group of ladies I talk to on the net. It’s a christian mothers forum of about 30 ladies. We really do church together, even though most of us have never met, as we re based all over the world. Daily they have been asking me how I am doing, telling me that they are praying. Thank you girls, I love you all heaps 🙂


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