31 May

Here’s a copy of my journal entry from yesterday.

What an amazing time of the day dawn is. I woke up this morning around 4am with a toothache, which has now subsided, but it caused me to rise and watch this spectacular event. When I first got up the sky was still quite murky from the dark, but on the horizon the sun’s morning glow could be seen. Gradually over the next half hour what was left of night disappeared. Over in the eastern sky, the only star left from the night, could still be seen well into daylight. It was, of course, Venus, in all of her majesty.
There are a family of blackbirds which nest in a garden near ours. They visit our home many times during the day. It was really wonderful this morning listening to them sing as they communicated with one another whilst catching their early morning feed. I put some bread in the garden and was able to film them yards away from me, neither of them fussed that I was standing there.
The wonderful thing about dawn is that there is a much slower pace to life. All of the noises consist of nature, no cars can be heard or noises people going about their daily lives. It’s serene. Even the clouds seem to be slowly making their way across the morning sky, as if there was no care in the world. The air is fresh and nice. Again, when there’s nothing else to distract the mind, what beauty and majesty we can see and hear in God’s creation at dawn.
By 5.05am there’s a wonderful red glow in the now fully light sky. Venus has just bid us goodbye for the the day, until dusk tonight. Lots of different birds are now flying around. The red sky now has a deep orange glow on the horizon as the sun now makes her ascent into the morning sky. What a regal way for her to make her entry. All around her life has woken up for the day once her first rays started to lighten up the night sky. Now everything is in place and nature is waiting for, and anticipating her grand entrance. And, as if timed by perfection, there she is in all of her splendour. Bright and glowing beautifully. With the sun’s entrance brings the end to dawn and day has begun. What a great day it’s going to be.

Lord you are wonderful, awesome and amazing. My whole being gives you praise. What man can deny your presence when all around we are surrounded by your beauty and the works of your hands. Let my life be like dawn, help me to slow down and listen and wait. You are Lord of my life, help me to let you take your place fully at the centre of my life, so that in each day I can wake and see you make your majestic entance into my day, as you brighten up my world.

After this I read Genesis Ch1&2


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