Are we using our gifts?

13 Oct

Today I was listening to Woman to Woman on Premier Christian Radio. A lady called Betty King was being interviewed. She made an interesting statement which really got me thinking, she said that the Church spent so much time on promoting the gift of evangelism, that it seemed to be forgetting all of the other gifts that are amongst us. As I thought about this I realized that her statement was quite true, something which as a leader in the church I feel quite ashamed about. In my experience the church does seem to mainly focus on evangelism. How many of us are really encouraged to use gifts we have such as interpreting tongues and dreams, prayer, hospitality, prophecy and healing. Are we regularly encouraged to share visions and words from God, or do they have to go through a “screening” process before they can even be mentioned in a small group?

God has given us all gifts, a lot of us are not using ours. Some people are not actively using gifts because they have been slammed down and criticised by people in the past, how tragic is that? Some of us are probably not even be aware of what our gifts are. Let’s encourage one another in this, pray that our gifts will be revealed to us, so that we can use them for the glory of God.


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