Madonna adopting overseas

17 Oct

Most of you would have seen the media hype of the past few days in relation to Madonna adopting a child from Malawi. It seems to be the latest “celebrity trend” to adopt a child from a poor country. I’m not opposed to this as you can help to give a child a better life, with more prospects etc. We’ve considered adopting from Africa, but it’s a lot of money to do this. Instead we sponsor two children in Uganda, and from what they write to us, we are helping them to have hope for the future. I think over the past few days I have reflected about Madonna adopting, and I find myself thinking “Why don’t these celebrities adopt a whole community?” They have the money to really make a real difference in poorer countries they could dramatically change the lives of many rather than the chosen one of two.

Yes, this adoption is great for the baby. He will now have a life expectancy of over double than what he would have had if he had stayed in Malawi, as they, like many African countries have been devastated through HIV/AIDS. He will receive a good education, live in good sanitized conditions, receive 3 meals a day, drink clean water – so many things we take for granted here in the West. I like a comment that was left by a reader on the BBC’s website “Why not support the child’s paternal father, house them, feed them, educate the little boy for life and give him the chance to succeed in his own society?” We live in a generation where we could really make a difference to the world. Let’s put our heads together – all faiths and nations, let’s for once forget our differences and focus on something radical and marvellous – Let’s make poverty history.

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