Moving on ….

21 Oct

We move on Monday to go and live in Hertfordshire. It’s going to be strange to leave the ocean, and the peace and tranquility that surrounds us here in Bournemouth, to move to a more urban area again. I must thank God though, for the wonderful 5 years that we have had here. We will miss many people, as well as Mudeford Quay – our little “get away from it all place”. We’ll have to find another one of those! It’s funny, because from what God has said to us over the past year and a bit, we really thought our next move would be Canada. It became apparent over the summer that we thought He may be asking us to go somewhere else first, to almost prepare for Canada. We never thought that He would take us to Hertfordshire, so we were quite suprised to find God directing us this way at the beginning of September. At the same time, we are moving on to a lovely church, and we already have some good friends there. He obviously wants us to go there for a reason, and it wil be exciting to see how this pans out over the next year or two prior to our PR. Next time I post I will be in our new home, the children would have spent a week or two at their new school, and I will be about to undertake my Open University degree!


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