Nativity Play

14 Dec

It’s that time of the year again when all mad parents across the country are cramming school halls full to see their little darlings perform in the school nativity play. We went to see Grace’s this week, it wasn’t my favourite of all the ones I’ve seen, but the children did a great job. Our entertainment began when we were waiting outside the school to be let in to the hall. Parents in front of us were constantly complaining about the fact that each family was only allowed two tickets this year, instead of the four from previous years, which meant that Aunty Doris was very ticked off that she couldn’t come, in fact, she’s writing a letter of complaint!

During the performance there were the usual mishaps, like the child who forgot their lines and the ones with stage fright – who can blame them, they are only 4-6 years old! One king tried to make a quick get away, but was met with the loud voice of another king saying “where are you going, we’re supposed to stay up here!” My favourite moment this year had to be when one of the silver stars shouted out “I need the toilet!” Grace enjoyed herself, which I guess is the main thing. Personally, I can’t wait until next year!!


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