Velvet Elvis

13 Jan

I’ve been reading Rob Bell’s book Velvet Elvis over the past week, I really recommend it. One thing I have really appreciated about the book has been Rob’s sheer honesty. I’m in one of those “struggling with Church” phases again, and have been really wrestling over the past few weeks. Many times I’ve almost posted here, but had to stop myself at the last minute, as I’m not sure what I would have written! God is good and gracious as always and I’ve been working some things out in my head with him. Jonathan and I believe we are called to be different, to help people re-think church. We go against the grain, but this has it’s own issues that come with it. Sometimes it would be so nice to walk away from it all, at times, and this is one of those times, I am literally hanging on to God by my finger nails. Velvet Elvis has been a blessing to me this week – thank you Rob.


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