God is green

13 Feb

This was a very interesting programme which was on Channel 4 last night. It was presented by Mark Dowd, who was on a personal journey to find out why, despite climate change becoming an increasingly vital issue, the world’s major faiths are saying little about it. Mark talked to leaders from various faiths including Islam,Catholicism, the Church of England, evangelical Christianity in the USA and Hinduism. He asked them whether religion should have a greater role in preventing imminent disaster. The responses were varied. It was good to see that there is an interfatih movement based in the UK looking at getting world leaders to really address climate change. I knew the Bishop of Liverpool, James Jones, is pushing for the C of E to adddress climate change more, so it was nice to see the Bishop of London, Richard Chartres is heavily involved as well. We are called to be care takers of God’s world, as Christians we really need to ask ourselves if we are being good caretakers.


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