Formulas and Programmes

8 Mar

Sometimes I think that as a church (referring to the wider body) we rely too much on formulas and programmes to reach people. Jesus didn’t use anything like this, he was very relational. I often wonder what he makes of all of our programmes – are they what he wants? Relationships are (should be) the key thing to being a Christian. Relationships mean getting under the surface down to the nitty grittiness of life. Being real with each other, taking off the mask and revealing the highs and lows, and walking through life together. Yet, most Christians seem to find it hard to open up and say if they’re having a bad day etc – living in a facade. I have to ask are some Christians like this because of responses they’ve had in the past when they have tried to be “real” with people?

People want to feel wanted, they don’t want to feel like they are just another number filling up a seat on a Sunday morning – why the heck are churches so obsessed with numbers anyway? People want and yern for human relationships they don’t want another program or product to consume. They need friendship and identity.


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