Happy Birthday to me!

9 Mar

Today I celebrate my 32nd birthday, and like most people, I find myself thinking how did I get to this age so quick? Inside I still feel 17, yet I also find myself having days where I feel a lot older than my 32 years. A lot of the time I want to kick my heels and go with the wind, but reality always brings me back down to earth with a bump!

It’s been a funny old day today. Jonathan and I went to a nearby town which we haven’t visited yet, to find that we really haven’t missed anything at all! Then we both got frustrated with each other because the things we wanted to do today, we simply couldn’t do. I’ve spent three hours at school this afternoon helping Ben with his lent fete stall – he thought this was a fantastic birthday treat for Mummy, I guess in a way it was. Jonathan is cooking me his gorgeous lasagne for dinner, and then we are going to watch Garden State which he brought me on DVD – I’ve been wanting to watch this for a while now. He also got me Everybody Loves Raymond on DVD – I love this show, like many of the best it has now come to an end 😦


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