12 Mar

We went to see Heidi Baker speak at St. Albans City Church last night. It was a good evening, and the Holy Spirit was really present. I’ve found myself reflecting since and I’ve been questionning how much of my life I really give over to Jesus. Jonathan and I walk by faith and we go where we feel the Lord is calling us, but do we always listen? The Bakers are fully embrassing what God has called them to do, and he is blessing their ministry so much due to their faithfulness. I have to admit that sometimes I’m not even sure what God has called me to do. Days go by when prayers are quick and He doesn’t get a lot of room into my busy day. I want to go into that secret room and be with Jesus, he should be my main focus and priority but other things mount up. Sometimes there are too many “buts”, and “I have to’s” that we miss out on the most important person in life. Let’s change our priorities and make God the focus.


2 Responses to “Priorities”

  1. Dave March 13, 2007 at 00:01 #

    thanks for the link, I cannot promise to return the favour, im pretty poor at doing the whole linking thing and I may be moving blogs soon anyway…I was reading (and praying) about your son Ben over on Jons blog, one statement really struck me…
    It’s only when he feels safe that Ben expresses himself as he truly is.
    Your post reminded me of how much we can think we need to be doing for God, and yet if we truly feel safe with Jesus then we can express ourselves as we truly are and not worry about doing and just get on with being.
    I sense life can be a struggle for you both at times, take heart though, for you know something is being perfected, keep the faith my friends!! Dave

  2. lynhallewell March 13, 2007 at 18:41 #

    Many thanks for your encouragement and prayers.

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