13 Mar

OK, I’m aware that my posts over the past few days have been very focused on life, priorities etc, so here’s the last of them for a while. A few weeks ago on our way to church I had an interesting conversation with Ben, my almost 8 year old son. As is normal on a Sunday for us, Jonathan will go out to church at the crack of dawn and the kids and I follow down a couple of hours later – usually rushing to get out of the door because we are running late! This particular Sunday we had a guest speaker who was speaking about Sierra Leone, so I wanted to arrive on time. My daughter can be quite fussy and particular at times, so as we were leaving she suddenly announced that she needed something or other and went off to find it. A couple of minutes later we managed to get out of the front door, and I hurried the kids to the car.

As I was fastening Ben’s seat belt he said to me “Mummy why are you in such a hurry?” I explained that we were going to be late and that I didn’t want to be. Ben then proceeded to tell me about how life isn’t meant to be hurried, it’s meant to be slow. “Mummy, I’m going to have a slow life when I’m older.” was his final sentence. His words left me thinking as I was driving. In some ways I was looking forward to our guest speaker as friends who are missionaries in Africa always say how things in Africa happen in African time. This can be a good thing, but can be quite frustrating. I then went on to think about how we rush around so much in the West – we rush through life, and maybe through this do not enjoy or get the most out of life that we should. My in-laws have a home in France, and they used to complain about how everything comes to a stand still early afternoon whilst people have extended lunch breaks/siestas. You have to envy them though, they slow down, they enjoy each others company etc.

When we arrived at church that Sunday, I found out that the guest speaker had something come up at the last minute and couldn’t actually visit us. We ended up with a sermon which had been given at a different church a few weeks before, it was on time – very appropriate!! I guess that has been my focus over the past week or so now, I want to slow down and enjoy life, to feel like I’m living, not existing. More so I want to experience all that God has for me, and not miss out because I’m too busy to listen.

Last week a friend approached us and asked if we’d consider taking a year out in 18 months time and travelling around the Bahamas with his family – sounds tempting! They are trying to re-evaluate life and priorities at the moment as well. The adventurer inside of me says “yes, let’s go” but the rest of me is asking what God wants.


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