Blogs, My Space etc

14 Mar

What blogs do you read? Do you have a blog I could read? Do any of you do My Space? I never quite got my head around My Space, it kind of seems like a place to “advertise” yourself? Am I wrong? A lot of My Space pages seem a bit pointless – I guess unless the person is advertising their music, short films, books etc. There is also the Christian version – does anyone do that? I’d love to hear from you!


6 Responses to “Blogs, My Space etc”

  1. A Normal Bloke March 14, 2007 at 17:03 #

    You can read my blog if you like. I tried myspace but the layout is too messy for me. I find blogger easier to configure and if people do look for me on myspace it just points to my blog.

  2. Simon March 15, 2007 at 08:49 #

    Stumbled over your blog via your comment on Jonny’s blog. Some links from me are on my blog on right hand side under the “More about me” heading, including link to my myspace page etc. As well as Jonny’s blog, TallSkinnyKiwi’s is a regular read of mine.

  3. Dave March 15, 2007 at 14:47 #

    Dont like myspace either, I am trying out Vox right

  4. lynhallewell March 15, 2007 at 16:43 #

    Thanks for the blogs guys! I’ve got some extra reading now! My daily reads are Jonny Baker, Andrew Jones (tall skinny kiwi), David Hayward (Canada), Jason Clark and my hubby (when he blogs!!) Other blogs I visit as and when. I’ve been reading these for quite some time now, but have only recently found the courage to post comments!

  5. Dave March 15, 2007 at 19:59 #

    Andrew stayed at ours a while back, he lives a bit further north than me, I keep meaning to take his invite to orkney one day…scotlands the place to be emergent

  6. lynhallewell March 15, 2007 at 21:16 #

    You should go to Orkney!

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