Global warming gap amongst evangelicals widens

15 Mar

Where do we get them from?


2 Responses to “Global warming gap amongst evangelicals widens”

  1. Jon Hallewell March 15, 2007 at 16:21 #

    Wow, when we’re encouraged to love our neighbour – pretty high level command by Jesus, and Jesus goes on to define our neighbour as, well humanity really : To realise that God urged us to care for creation, so we should look after the planet even if we weren’t at such a precarious point with the environment. To realise that the effects of the environmental irresponsibility, (pioneered in the west) effect everyone on the planet, but has a higher impact upon our neighbours in developing nations. To realise that we are contributing to the destruction of many lives; recognising that the destruction of a single life is a moral issue.

    Recognising all these things; seeing the burden passed over to ‘science’ when many ‘evangelicals’ distrust many scientific claims. (laughable) To pass judgement on one wing of the political spectrum (nothing new here) when maybe this wing are the very wing actually serving the heart of God in this instance …

    Well, clearly I’m not lost for words …. maybe I’m not the one whose lost, but that would be judgemental.

  2. Jon Hallewell March 15, 2007 at 16:36 #

    And whilst I’m on a roll – the thought occurs to me, that many of the leading figures who wrote this letter thrive and survive within specific ministry areas, in which they sell many books and have a lot to say. If suddenly the agenda broadens (I won’t say moves) then will they be able to speak so clearly and authoritatively about something they know so little about, or at least enough about to deny its importance. It seems to me, I HONESTLY HOPE I’M WRONG, that people are scared of loosing control of the agenda, the Christian air waves, in short, the significance of their ministries. Now, trying to recover some grace, I’m sure that some of these people have made contributions that have had a positive effect on my life. HOWEVER, as the planet turns together, in unity, to face a common problem, to be part of a group that has nothing positive to say about that, may well in many minds, disqualify these people from being able to speak into their lives at all.

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