Random thoughts

24 Mar

I’m someone who connects with God within creation. I love nothing better than being surrounded by beautiful scenery, taking a walk by the sea or a river, looking at flowers etc and just feeling totally awe struck by God and all of his splendour. Having said that I am not a particularly creative person – I often joke that that part of my brain does not work very well. I can hear all of you artists screaming at me now! However, over the past week I’ve been feeling very inspired to start painting. I have all of these abstract images in my mind, which I feel like I want to try and articulate. The cynic in me doesn’t expect that they will end up how I imagined them, but one thing I’m learning about is that art isn’t about perfection. I’ll never have a exhibition at the Tate gallery, but I think this is something which God is stirring within me at the moment, maybe to get creative along with creation (hope that makes sense) and I’d love to see more art, poetry etc used in church – my vision of church is so different to how it all is, but I guess that’s another post. I’ll have a go and see how I get on!


One Response to “Random thoughts”

  1. Dave March 24, 2007 at 11:11 #

    You know what always amazes me…if Christians are meant to have God (the Creator) dwelling within them (temples), then why does the 20/21st Century church appear to be the least creative social grouping around…we rob people of their creativity and repalce it with dour conformity!!

    Thats what I think anyway 🙂

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