30 Mar

I’ve been thinking about worship this morning, and how we do it. Do we make worship fall into a particular grid during our church services? I think we do. We always have a time slot for worship, and generally if the Holy Spirit is moving, then he politely gets told to stop because time has gone over and we need to hear our sermon now. Most songs we sing are congregation friendly, and some would say too femine and lovey dovey. I know in the past when I’ve had conversations with J about a particular worship song he has said “no we can’t do that it’s not congregational.” What do we mean by that? When we lived in Vancouver we used to have artists painting whilst worship was going on, along with the odd brake dancer doing his moves at the front – and what ever else went to be honest – very freeing though. At church, why don’t we spent more time with “alternative” worship, such as poetry, contemplation to instrumental music, art etc.

Most worship songs are about how great life is and that Jesus is our only focus the only one we live for. Can we honestly sing that though – is Jesus really the only one we are living for, if I’m honest I wouldn’t say that was the case in my life, I try my best, but recognise that I’m still a selfish being as well. Where are the up front honest worship songs – you know like “life sucks right now, I’m weak and struggling and have no idea if you even hear?” (I think these are what some refer to as more masculine songs). I guess they wouldn’t sell well at the Christian book store. Do we have freedom in church to really explore worship or are we too time constrained? Should worship be the main part of our church gathering, with just a 15 minute talk, or no talk at all if it is not necessary? How would you like to see worship at church, and how do you worship differently at home? I’m sure J will have an opinion on this one!


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  1. Heidi March 30, 2007 at 13:04 #

    I can’t deny that I’m blessed with how our church worships. Many songs have been written by David himself, or other members in the church. A great number of them are laments that help one to cry out to God in their pain, doubt, and acknowledgement of how God wounds us, but heals our wounds.

    I say all this and yet just this past Sunday we sang a particular worship song that I could not sing. The words were “our God is a great God….”, very positive. I looked over at the 2 young women in our church, sisters, who’ve experience bitter losses in the recent past (fiance-to-be to suicide, and an unborn baby). No way on earth I could sing those words while my heart ached for them, so instead I just prayed for them.

    I guess that if the majority of a community are open to change, and are resisting the temptation to stubbornly stick to the status quo, then we have hope of moving in the right direction!

    Great post!

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