Happy April Fools Day!

1 Apr

Saw this link on Jonny Baker’s blog.
I really don’t like reality TV – will Christians really want to take part in this? I guess there is the fame element. But would it make people from outside of the Christian community realize that Christianity is changing, that church as they see it is evolving – or would christians just be a good bit of entertainment for three weeks? Personally I hate the idea.

Edited to add  OK I got taken in, it’s an April Fools Day joke!  To be honest, in my defence, I hadn’t even registered that it was the first of April today! Still, some of you may have added some extra hits to Jonny’s blog today by taking a look!


One Response to “Happy April Fools Day!”

  1. Jon Hallewell April 1, 2007 at 11:56 #


    As I read the report I was glad to see that the Archbishop of Canterbury is fell of wisdom and discernment.

    The emerging church has often been associated with the use of contemporary technology in worship and sources close to Lambeth Palace suggest rumours are rife that a promotion deal with Apple Computers is being negotiated personally by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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