Church Outside The Walls

2 Apr

Jonathan and I have just watched part 1 (The Drop-outs), which can be found at Family Room Media. It’s a really good video about people who leave church and why. People within church like to call drop-outs backsliders (Dave, you can laugh now! You know how much I hate the term!). Most of these “backsliders” are in fact the opposite. They have a very strong faith and relationship with God, they have just come to realize that there is more beyond the church walls, once you get out from the structure. It lasts about 25 minutes in total (in three parts). Thanks to Andrew Jones for posting the link.


One Response to “Church Outside The Walls”

  1. Dave April 2, 2007 at 19:55 #

    Thanks to you (and Andrew) for this link, I did a video a while back called ‘liberal backslider’ to the Martyn Jospeh song…

    The footage was from halloween when i dressed up as Jesus and went round the estate where I live and gave gifts to whoever opened the door, went down well and ended up in the local paper, also got invited into lots of peoples houses!!

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