Leaving church to find the church?

2 Apr

Jonathan showed me a great article on Next-Wave yesterday. It’s by Len Hjalmarson and is called Leaving the Church to Find the Church?. Some of you may have already read it, as it was published in 2001. The whole article is well worth the read. One quote which really stood out to me was this:

Sometimes we have to move backward before we can move forward. Sometimes things that seemed good have to die in order for new things to be born. Sometimes we have to live with some uncertainty and chaos before a new order can take shape. (Hjalmarson, 2001)

In part I feel like this at the moment, we take 5 steps forward to take three back again.  Things have really died within us, and new things are being born and will continue to be born.  Life is very uncertain right now, but I feel it’s significant that things are so up in the air for us, just as spring has begun.  Obviously, Jesus being crucified and raised to life again happened in spring – like spring, his death and resurrection symbolise new life.  I think that’s  what the next step of our journey is about – new life.


2 Responses to “Leaving church to find the church?”

  1. Paul April 3, 2007 at 08:53 #

    it’s never a linear journey from glory to glory 🙂

  2. lynhallewell April 4, 2007 at 21:09 #

    too true!

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