Church Going in the UK part 2!

3 Apr

OK, so I’ve now obtained Tearfund’s report, which you can download here. It’s interesting to read if you have time. One thing which it has confirmed, which I already knew was true, is that church attendance is mainly a “middle class pursuit”! I still don’t have much more information on the actual sample though, in regards to my questions in my first post. Other than the fact that the research was a representative sample of 7,000 UK adults aged 16 or over was interviewed over 3 and a half weeks between 8th February to 5th March 2006.
139 separate geographical sampling points were used in each of the first 3 weeks of fieldwork and 39 in the last half week. Each week interviewers were issued with two blocks of 70 addresses so they have tightly defined geographical area in which to work. To ensure a balanced sample of adults within effective contacted addresses, quotas were set on sex (male, female housewife, female non-housewife); and within female housewife, presence of children and working status, and within men, working status.


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