Ryan Bolger Interview

23 Apr

There is an excellent interview, featuring Ryan Bolger from Fuller Seminary on Allelon. Click here to listen to it. It is part of their What is Missional Church netcast series. This particular netcast last approx. 30 minutes. Thanks to Rick Meigs for posting about this. If you haven’t been to Allelon before then do check it out if you’re exploring Missional Church, they have some great resources.


2 Responses to “Ryan Bolger Interview”

  1. old.pete April 24, 2007 at 08:47 #

    Thanks Lyn for the link to Ricks site. I’ve read Emerging Churches and I felt I knew Eddie Gibbs (after listening to him for several hours years ago) – and I’ve often been in touch with one of the English contributors to the book.
    I notice that you have a link to Spirited Exchanges so I presume you are familiar with the work of Alan Jamieson.

    I’ve just replied to all of you on my blog – but presumably nobody will know it’s there?

    There seem to be some serious gaps in my knowledge of these things. Any pointers would be appreciated

  2. lynhallewell April 24, 2007 at 12:21 #

    Pete – Generally if I leave a comment on someones blog I go back and take a look – so I’m sure people will see what you’ve written. I’ll go over and have a look …

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