What would you do?

10 May

A couple of nights ago, locally, there was a clarovoyancy meeting.  People were paying £10 (approx US$18) entry to bascially experience something spiritual.  Jonathan was going to go to the meeting – pay the £10 – and try and befriend the clarovoyant and people attending.  At the last minute we decided against this, we didn’t feel 100% comfortable with showing up, as we didn’t want people to get funny because a Christian had arrived.  Obviously Jonathan wasn’t going to announce he was a Christian, but he wasn’t going to engage with the clarovoyancy, so, no doubt, questions would have been asked.  How would you reach out to people who go to these meetings, and the clarovoyants themselves?  Would you have gone along, or do you think that clarovoyants and other “spiritualists” need befriending in “neutral” ground?


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