This and that!

18 May

I’m having a “I really can’t think” week! I’ve had a viral infection for the past few days, so my head is quite foggy! I’ve got assignments due in on my course, which I’m trying to turn the brain cells on for! We informed Ben’s school that he will be homeschooled from the end of May (school doesn’t finish here until the end of July), which initally went well, but has gone down hill since! If you are the slightest bit interested then Ben and I have set up our homeschooling blog, which we will keep updated together – Ben is very excited about this! Grace won’t come out of school until the end of this school year. It’s more important to get Ben out sooner than later. We will be following the eclectic method of learning whilst we see what works for us; although there will be a period of deschooling at first.

For one of my assignments, which is based on biodiversity, I’ve had to do some bird watching everyday! Actually, it’s been quite relaxing! This morning there was a lot of activity in the garden, so I went out earlier than normal. I think the increased activity was because it’s actually stopped raining today! Whilst out, I saw a Blue Tit, I nearly fell off my chair, or should that be perch!!! 😉 . I’ve never seen one of these birds before – I guess I’ve never been birdwatching before! On that note I should get back to the books!


One Response to “This and that!”

  1. calana May 19, 2007 at 01:49 #

    my prayers are with you in teaching ben. our son has “pervasive denelopemental disorder – no other specified”. they thought he was autistic but he scored 3 points too low to be diagnosed as such. we’ve done some specialized schooling and now a regular private school. he does well intellectually but is still behind socially. we’ve concidered homeschooling him but haven’t taken the plunge yet. we have an open mind though.
    God bless your efforts!

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