Golden community

28 May


Yesterday I watched an episode of The Golden Girls whilst sorting through the laundry. It was called Three On The Couch.  The episode was based around a therapists office, as the girls had not been getting on well.  He basically told them that they were incompatible and should not live together.  I found the last five minutes of the show to be really profound.  Blanche, Rose and Dorothy were sitting around the kitchen table discussing apartments which were up for rent, and where each of them might move to etc when Dorothy’s mom, who I think is called Sophia, came into the kitchen.  She asked them what they wee doing and they told her, she then told them that they were being stupid and shouldn’t listen to the therapist.  “What do you mean?” they asked her.  “Well” she said, “sometimes we get on each others nerves, and we eat. Sometimes we cry together, and we eat.  Sometimes we laugh together, and we eat.” “What are you saying mom?” Dorothy asked.  “What I’m saying is we are doing life, we’re not getting on right now, but we’re doing life, we’ll get over this, and will continue to do life, and eat!”

It kind of got me thinking about Christianity.  Within Christian community we laugh together, we cry together, and we don’t always get on.  We eat together.  The eating is a really important thing within our communities.  We do life together.  Why does this sometimes go wrong?  Why can we sometimes not get over the not getting along bit, and let anger spill over instead of love?


2 Responses to “Golden community”

  1. Paul May 29, 2007 at 16:30 #

    not enough dinner invites? 😉

  2. lynhallewell May 29, 2007 at 17:52 #

    he he … maybe true there!

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