TV Kidney

2 Jun

In the news this week we have heard about the Dutch TV show where a dying woman was to choose the recipient of her kidneys out of three people waiting for transplants. Yesterday evening it has emerged that the show was a hoax, the dying woman was actually an actress. Apparently the three people waiting for transplants (who are actually really waiting for them) were aware when they took part in the show that it was a hoax. The show was put on to heighten transplant awareness. My step-father was blessed last year by receiving a kidney transplant, and we have seen it literally change his life. I think transplants are wonderful, and yes there are many people who are waiting to receive them. I have to question whether this TV hoax is actually the right way to raise awareness though, which they have certainly achieved, or is it just a sick idea to increase TV ratings? Many people are not registered organ donors, and their families are not aware of their wishes. If you haven’t spoken to your spouse, parents etc about your wishes, then why not share them with them. If you want to sign up as a donor visit these sites, if your country is not listed, then do a google search. UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa.


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