Rob Bell (again!)

1 Jul

We’ve just got back from hearing Rob Bell.  Had a fantastic and challenging evening.  Rob Bell is quite a funny guy.  It was called The Peacemakers Tour, and Rob shared some stuff which I’ve read in Velvet Elvis, but also spoke about The Third Way, how Jesus offered the third way, and how we can do it today.  All proceeds from the tickets and resources on this tour have gone to people in Burundi – basically someone gets a $40 loan to begin a business, once they are up and running they pay the loan back and the $40 then gets given to someone else and the whole cycle starts again.  These loans change people lives, they are no longer on an income of just $90 a year, they have food, their children can receive an education and so on.  It’s a way of offering shalom to them, it’s a third way.

Now we’re home with more questions about how we can change the world.


2 Responses to “Rob Bell (again!)”

  1. Paul July 2, 2007 at 13:42 #

    forget rob bell, how was the date?? 🙂

  2. lynhallewell July 2, 2007 at 14:10 #

    🙂 Great to talk without interuptions!

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