Living Missionally

4 Jul

I’ve been thinking about what the cost is to being missional. I know of a handful of people who are living missionally who are struggling financially, some seriously struggling. On the other hand there is a great reap from being missional in terms of ministry, life experiences, God experiences and expectations.  There have been several posts over the past few months about how we support people who are missionally minded.  We should all be living missionally, but not many take up the call.

When we move to Canada I know we will be living this way.  I guess we should now, but it is hard to really get involved within a community that you might only be part of for another six months or so.  Maybe this is just a cop out?  I have many questions though, as I know that it will not be easy to raise support, especially as most traditional mission organisations do not think a long the same lines as post-modern Christians do.  I feel quite scared at times about our future, I know I need to trust in God more.

What do you think are the good and the bad aspects of living your life missionally?

Are you trying to live this way?


2 Responses to “Living Missionally”

  1. Paul July 11, 2007 at 14:44 #

    I’m not so sure that living missionally equates to being without money? I think it involves being generous, and that includes with our money. I think eugene peterson’s translation in the message of romans 12:1-2 is the best definition of living missionally i’ve come across, taking our every day, ordinary, eating, sleeping, going to work etc life and with God’s help laying it down as a sacrifice…

  2. lynhallewell July 11, 2007 at 15:13 #

    Yes, I agree with your comment, we should all be living missionally, but this obviously isn’t the case! Paul, I think for some people living missionally does mean being without money, as they are walking by faith doing the things God has called them to do, yet struggling to find two pennies to rub together in order to live. Being missional doesn’t mean that everyone has no money, I agree, but for some it is a reality.
    I like Eugene’s translation as well – he has a good gift that man!

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