Never thought I’d say this ….

18 Jul

Today, whilst exercising, I was flicking through the TV channels so that I could watch something, and take my mind off how long each minute goes by when you are pushing your body!  I stumbled across a Christian TV channel which was playing worship songs.  I haven’t watched Christian TV in a long time because it either makes me cringe, or it makes me angry.  Today it was worth watching though!

As the worship music played they showed images of streams, sunsets, mountains and the like whilst showing scriptures.  This was good for me today.  I was able to worship God for a while whilst I exercised and read encouraging scripture as well such as “I am the bread of life.” “I will never leave or forsake you.” and so on.  After a while my son, who was in the same room as me, read one of the scriptures out, and then we had a wonderful God conversation.  I love having this types of conversation with my kids, they always make you realise that things do sink into their minds!

Today I was grateful for, and blessed by Christian television.  I guess in moving into new ways of doing church, we have the tendency to frown at more modern forms of expression, however we can find a blessing and God within some of them.


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