Looking in

25 Jul

Whilst I was washing the dishes yesterday evening (yep, I wash them – I actually enjoy it!) I was having a little chat with God about this and that. I haven’t had a particularly good view of myself over the past week, as I am noticing a few character faults which I want to change. I think I can be too judgemental and I definitely struggle with envy. These are flaws which I really want to work on. As I was talking with God I started thinking “I wonder what God thinks when he looks at me.” Before I had finished the sentence the word “love” came racing through my head. It kind of stopped me in my tracks, and I came to realise that when God looks at us he is full of love for us, he isn’t up there ticking off a check list. I guess it’s just like me with my two children. They can get up to mischief and get disciplined (as God does with us), but it is soon forgotten about as I have such a unconditional love for them. I guess there is still part of me which feels like I don’t meet the mark for God – I obviously need to work on this too!


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