Christians Confess

18 Aug

I was tagged by Jim whilst I was in Scotland to take part in the meme Christians confess, which John Smulo started. The meme is to
“apologize for three things that Christians have often got wrong. Your apologies should be directed towards those who don’t view themselves as part of the Christian community. Alternatively, apologize for things you personally have done wrong towards those outside of the church.”

I’ve actually written four – there are many more I could write!

1) I’m sorry that I spend too much time talking about Christianity and how Jesus would want us to live our lives rather than just getting on and living that way.

2) I’m sorry for when I have felt uncomfortable in some situations which has left people feeling like I was a Christian looking down upon them – this was not my intention at all.

3) I’m sorry for being part of a church leadership team which has focused on formulas and molds rather than individual journeys. Through this we did not always embrace those who were searching if they did not appear to be making life changes – this I now know was wrong and judgemental.

4) I’m sorry that it took me too long to free myself from a rigid way of thinking which church systems installed into me, now I am free I am sorry for when I still get it wrong.

I am not going to tag anyone else as I think a lot of people have now seen this meme’s. If you haven’t and want to contribute then write your apologies and then post your blog link at John’s blog here.


2 Responses to “Christians Confess”

  1. cindy August 18, 2007 at 13:37 #

    well said, Lyn.

  2. Erin August 18, 2007 at 18:10 #

    Awesome. I like the last one. Me too!

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