Miles Levin

20 Aug

Yesterday evening I learnt that Miles Levin, who I have written about a few times here, has passed away. I first came across Miles through Anderson Cooper, and since have read his blog on Care Pages. I feel like I have lost a friend, even though I never knew him. Miles had this zeal for life which came over on his blog. It seems so tragic that an 18 year olds life has ended, cut so short by cancer. I guess that is life, it is fragile, and sadly some do not reach adulthood or old age. Miles was a teenager who thought well beyond his years. One thing Miles used to write about what that there should be more goodness in the world and that there doesn’t seem to be enough kindness, he encouraged his peers to seek more justice in the world.

Thousands across the world have been following Miles journey on his blog. He was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma just over two years ago. He has not only shown us how to live well, but how to die with dignity. Miles was not afraid of dying, he was more afraid about dying having had no impact. Miles, you have had an impact. Many cancer patients were encouraged by Miles. Him and his family increased the profile of Paediatric cancer within the United States. He was honoured with several awards. His family have set up the Miles Alpern Levin Fund which they will share more details about when the time is right for them. If anyone does want to donate then the address is UJF – Miles Alpern Levin Fund, P.O. Box 2030, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303 Attn: Susie Feldman.

My thoughts and prayers have been and remain with his family Nancy (Mum), Jon (dad) and Nina (sister). This is their time now. I will really miss not reading any of Miles words on his blog anymore, may he rest in peace. I’ll leave you with a few words from his blog entry yesterday, which was written by his Mum Nancy, informing us of Miles passing.

“Talk about destiny, G-d’s plan, purpose, anything you want, but the fact is that our boy, our beloved son and brother, was snatched from us, and it hurts. We knew it was coming, yet we’re shocked. We knew it was coming, yet we’re unprepared. We knew it was coming, yet it feels unreal. We knew it was coming, but we hate it.”


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