23 Oct

It’s early Tuesday morning here in France, just coming up to 6am (5am in the UK). The room we are sleeping in has a skylight, but, possibly due to cloud, we have not noticed a whole lot through it at night. About half an hour ago Jonathan got up and woke me to show me the awesome sight outside the skylight. There were loads of stars, and Mars’ orange glow could be seen very clearly. The door was slightly ajar for the kids, when pushed closed the sky was then covered with thousands of less bright stars, all woven into the sky – wow! Before we went to bed tonight I was looking at the moon thinking how amazing it is that when it is night where I live the moon is lit by the sun which is bringing daylight to countries in the Far East and Australasia – wow! How does all of this stuff happen? Through all of this how can people say there is no God. His work, His imprint is all around us. We’ve seen it so much over this past week when we’ve been walking through the countryside here. I want to conclude by writing that God is awesome, but I think that word does not do him justice. He is simply, like his creation, indescribable.


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