6 Nov

Most of you know that I home educate our children, and I know some of you who read my blog home educate too.  I have been really blessed with listening to Cindy Rushton’s audio’s about home education.  They have been so encouraging and have equipped and enabled me to walk through the past few months of transition, with Grace now joining us at home.  My style of home education still remains eclectic, but is heavily leaning towards Charlotte Mason’s methods.

This weekend (Friday 9 – Saturday 10 November) Cindy is hosting an online workshop about home educating through High School.  This is part of her Talk-a-Latte seminars.  I took part in her language arts workshop a few weeks back, and I can’t recommend them enough.  Here’s the deal – Cindy is offering complimentary tickets to this weekends seminar, that means it’s free folks!   You can listen in from the comfort of your own home and chat online with fellow participants.  If you are home educating a high schooler at the moments or will be within the next few years then do take advantage of this seminar.  The web address for tickets is


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