Writing Tablet – Jesse Tree Devotion Day Twenty Four

21 Dec

“He asked for a writing tablet, and to everyone’s astonishment he wrote, “His name is John.”‘ Luke 1: 63 (NIV)

Todays symbol is of a writing tablet, which represents the one Zechariah used in Luke 1. One day when Zechariah was working in the temple an angle appeared and told him that his wife, Elizabeth, would be having a baby, who was to be called John. Zechariah did not believe the angel, and said his wife was too old to have a baby. To show his power, God took away Zechariah’s voice. When Elizabeth gave birth to a son, family and friends expected him to be named after his father, Zechariah, or another male in the family line. They were amazed when Elizabeth said that the baby was to be called John, and pleaded with Zechariah. Zechariah, unable to speak, wrote on a tablet that the child should be named John. Because of his obedience, Zechariah regained his voice, and proclaimed anticipation of the coming of the Lord. With John, God has prepared the way for his promise. God’s ways were not traditional or what had been culturally expected, but they were his ways nonetheless. Sometimes going God’s way means going against the grain of our culture.

Today think about whether you find it hard to believe what God tells you.  Also consider how you tell others about what God has done in your life.

You can read the whole story in Luke 1:57-80.

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