7 Jan

Well today is the day life got back to normal after Christmas, much to the protest of the children ……. alright, a little protest from me too!  I’ve been trying to implement 30 minutes in the afternoon where they go to their bedrooms so that I can have some quiet time.  Sometimes I’m successful, other days I fail miserably!  Today was a successful day!  I really needed the time, following home schooling all morning.  I do various things in my quiet time.  I might listen to music, read, close my eyes and doze, listen to the birds outside the house or connect with God.  More often than not I try and do the latter.  During my quiet time today the birds outside were full of song, and quite noisy with it.  I was thanking God for creation and was just trying to “be” with him.  As time went by I became aware that I should rescue the kids from an argument which seemed to be irrupting.  As I got up, I felt like God said to me “could you stay here a while?” So I sat back down and closed my eyes again.  The kids sorted out their disagreement quite amicably.  I got no revelation from God, we just sat in silence together.  I listened, and, as Mother Teresa once said, God listened too.  Oh, and the birds …… well, they just continued to sing sweetly for us.  I felt very refreshed.

As I’m writing this my kids are singing worship songs with Jonathan in the room next door – very loudly!  I bet the neighbours are loving it!  They sound great though. I can imagine God boogieing down with them.

On a side note, CBC are running a new series called  “Where Is God Today?”  There are some interesting articles and comments, if you have time to read them.


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