Saving Women From The Church – How Jesus Mends A Divide

6 Feb

Back in 2000 – 2001 I had the privilege of getting to know Susan McLeod Harrison whilst we attended the same Vineyard church in Vancouver. Susan is a very passionate lady, her passions include social injustice and women in Christianity. I’ll always remember her making salmon patties at our house whilst she stayed with us in the week leading up to my daughters birth. Having no family close by I was nervous about who would look after my son when I went into labour.  Susan sensed this and offered to help. When I went into labour at 3am she was there and she cared for my son, giving me peace – thank you so much for that Susan.

Anyway, I am thrilled that her book is about to be released this month (Saving Women From The church – How Jesus Mends A Divide).  Susan now lives in Oregon, and back in 2006 I got to read a couple of chapters from this book whilst it was being edited.  All I can say about them is wow! I think men and women will get a lot out of this book. Susan is biblically sound, and writes so well. I’ve copied Amazons description below … and you can click on the link above to buy it! 😉

In the heart’s deep places many women share the same questions: Am I respected and loved by God the way I would be if I were male? Can I be myself in the church? Is it okay to be strong and use my leadership gifts?

Creatively matching stories of contemporary women and biblical stories of the interactions between Jesus and women, Susan McLeod-Harrison exposes the cultural biases of Jesus’ day that created a divide between women and men. And she shows Jesus’ response: He shunned cultural or religious expectations when they denigrated or limited women, and acknowledged the full humanity and dignity of women.

Straightforward, unapologetic, and engaging, Saving Women from the Church shows how Jesus offers hope and healing to women who have been alienated, wounded, controlled, or troubled by the church. This book will improve your vision of the full image of God in women.


2 Responses to “Saving Women From The Church – How Jesus Mends A Divide”

  1. Susan McLeod-Harrion February 7, 2008 at 18:01 #

    Thank you, Lyn. That week spent with you, little Grace in-utero, Ben and Jonathan was special to me, too. Salmon patties are no longer my default meal as we became mostly vegans about a year ago!

    I just got my hands on the book yesterday, and it will be out for public purchase on February 20. It’s very exciting to see it in its final form! Thanks for your help with it–you’re in the Acknowledgments!

  2. lynhallewell February 7, 2008 at 22:50 #

    I’m so thrilled for you. It must be wonderful to see it all in print after so long.

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