Jesus Image

15 Apr

This is an interesting article that I saw on CNN today. Apparently an image of Jesus crying appeared on a window at a Florida hospital. The unexplained image remained there for a few hours and then disappeared. It was a window right by their prayer garden.


One Response to “Jesus Image”

  1. Jennifer Scott July 1, 2009 at 07:19 #

    Years ago I was at a church meeting and I had my eyes closed and was praying. I saw Jesus walking towards me with his arms wide open is if He was going to hug me. He looked nothing like these pathetic wan images!! He being a Jew, had very dark brown/black hair. His hair was neck length and curly like a lot of the Holy Jews. So it wasn’t hanging down like a lot of people think. He was smiling broadly and didn’t look like the images we’re shown because of that.

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