Favourite book of the Bible and why?

27 May

Jeff has tagged me for the meme started by Brother Maynard – what is your favourite book of the bible and why? To be honest I’ve been having trouble answering this question as I don’t have a particular favourite book, I have quite a few! I enjoy reading the Psalms because they are so honest and real. Not only are they full of praise to God, but they are also full of the “woes of life”. I enjoy reading Proverbs and Ecclesiastes as they are full of much wisdom. Time and time again I find myself going back to Genesis and Exodus and reading about the patriarchs. I also love reading Isaiah – the prophecies of the coming Messiah – I could read them over and over again. Philippians and Acts stand out in the New Testament.

I have to give an answer though … I’ll go with the gospel of John, in particular I like The Message version. There is something about John’s gospel that is missing from the other three.

Consider yourself tagged!


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