Post charismatic

18 Jun

I have finally got to writing about Rob McAlpine’s book, Post-Charismatic! I’ve really benefited from reading this book, thank you Rob. Post Charismatic is definitely one of those books which you find hard to put down. I started reading it whilst in Canada, and found that I was soon fighting with my husband over who was going to read it, as he picked it up one morning and got engrossed. Within a few days my Father-in-law had also joined in!

Post-Charismatic is split into two parts; part one: history and part two: spirit and praxis. Whilst reading part one I was absolutely amazed at the history of the charismatic movement. There was so much that I did not know. Rob has obviously spent a considerable amount of time researching the history of various movements and streams, such as the The Latter Rain Movement, Word of Faith and The Shepherding Movement. He has given a concise account of each movement or stream which leaves the reader a lot more informed than perhaps they were before. I was gob smacked at the amount of church “lingo” which derives from these movements/streams – some of which have been dissolved for many years now (such as the Shepherding Movement) .

Rob has critiqued the charismatic movement in a deep and thoughtful way. I don’t think he has discarded the charismatic movement. He has been able to illustrate the streams both at their best and worst.

If you have read Rob’s blog, then you will be familiar with his easy to read writing style, this book is no different. Rob has also been very honest about his own journey.

Towards the end of the book Rob encourages the reader to read Acts 2:42-47 with fresh eyes. This really caught my attention as for years I have felt that these verses are so important for the church today. They are almost my mantra of what I think church should be – as ever, I use the word church as the body of Christ, not a building!

I must admit that I felt a little tearful at the end of this book. Rob uses the metaphor of a chrysalis to describe the journey that post-charismatics are on, the chrysalis emerging into Charismissional (spirit-led missional living). I’m definitely on this journey. Now, for me, it’s seeing the Charismissional in action. Maybe Rob’s new book?

I really recommend this book.


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