What is missional?

23 Jun

As I wrote on Friday, I have not had time to write my thoughts about what is missional. I must admit that when I first read about the synchroblog I became concerned because I have become aware over time that “missional” appears to be becoming the “in” word in some circles. I’ve been surprised at where I’ve heard the term used recently (in fact I had to collect my jaw from the floor!) However, I investigated further by visiting Rick’s blog and was pleased to discover that the synchroblog has been set up to “reclaim” the word and put definition to it.

Missional isn’t the latest method or style. It can’t come about through a program. Missional, to me, is a way of life. As my husband puts it “it’s seeing what God is doing where I am, where I live and joining with others to join in with God.”

There are fifty or so posts that will be appearing today, check out the links at Rick’s blog. Ones which have stood out to me today have been Alan Hirsch’s, Jamie Arpin-Ricci’s, Len Hjalmarson’s and Grace’s. I love the way she has ended her post “It is our missional privilege to share in God’s mission of reconciliation among the people in our world.”


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