What happened to respect?

3 Jul

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has noticed the change in society over the past ten years or so. It almost seems like morals and values have really gone out of the window. Here in the UK I can go shopping and will receive no more than a grunt from the cashier. There is no “hello, how are you?” no please or thank you and my change is literally thrown into my hand. I haven’t even got my belongings together before the next customers shopping is being thrown down the conveyor belt.

Walking down the road seems to be an “all eyes to the floor” job, because a lot of the time if eye contact is made with another person, particularly younger people, you receive a mouthful of obscenities. No one seems to have any patience or respect for the elderly. Far too many gun and knife crimes are happening.

I’m often amazed at the manners, or lack of, of children. No one seems to respect one another anymore. Everyone seems to be out for themselves. Society has changed so much from the close knit communities I remember as a child. It’s almost like society got to a cross roads and took a wrong turn.

I’ve just been wondering how we can impact people in a positive way to find the right path again. Is it just through loving them and showing people respect and courtesy and thus hoping this will rub off on them and have a ripple effect within the community. Or is there much more than that?  What is missing? Or has society come to far to be able to go back now?

I don’t know what your experiences are where you live, but I really feel the UK is on a dangerous downhill spiral at the moment.


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