End of the School Year

11 Jul

Just over a year ago I started to homeschool Ben and Grace joined us last September. Today we have reached a milestone, we have completed our first full year of homeschooling. Back in September I really wasn’t sure how all of this would pan out. Would both of the kids respond to me? Was it the right decision for both of them? Would they become isolated? etc.

There have been days over the past year when I haven’t really been sure if I would make it until the end of the school year. These days, I’m told are normal, and we obviously overcame them.

I’ve been reflecting on our school year for the past few days and I am amazed at what we have learned together – I write together because I am continually learning new things through the studies they do. I am chuffed to bits when I think of the problems the children have overcome and when I see them “get” something they have struggled with and realize that I have helped them to achieve this. My daughter really struggled with reading at school as she wasn’t quite ready to learn. Back in September she would cry every time I brought a book near her and say “I can’t do this, I’m stupid”. Now in July she is not a fluid reader yet, but she is getting there in leaps and bounds and she sits in bed at night looking at books and working out the words.

In themselves they seem so much more confident in who they are. They want to try new things. They enjoy mixing with all sorts of people (adults and children) and are not isolated at all. I love the conversations we have together about anything from God to salt dough. We have had countless visits to places to learn things. We are experiencing a different kind of family relationship.

I’m ready for the summer break, but I’m looking forward to September, though, of course, everyday is a learning experience. I thank God that I am able to teach my children.

The teacher got a nice box of chocolates this morning! She has given herself a pat on the back 🙂


One Response to “End of the School Year”

  1. lynhallewell July 12, 2008 at 06:56 #

    I wish I could share my chocolates with you.

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