Florida Mornings

31 Jul

I love summer, absolutely love it. There is something about waking up at 5am and it’s already light outside. I love that at 9pm it’s still light outside. More than anything I love the way earth comes alive in summer. Outside there is a lot of activity from all sorts of animals and insects. I love watching the garden spring to life as flowers begin to grow and burst into full bloom. Summer gives me energy and a zest for life and creation.

Last summer in the UK was pretty much non-existent as we had torrential rain for most of it – some of you might remember the floods the country suffered. This summer, to be honest, has been pretty slow in getting started. I’d say we’ve had some decent weather now for a few weeks. This past week has seen temperatures up to about 80F but generally they’ve been in the early 70s – I know these are more like spring or fall temperatures for some of you!

Grace said to me yesterday “It feels like a Florida morning outside today Mama” I knew what she meant. Two years ago we took the kids to Florida. We clearly remember walking through downtown Disney at 8.30 – 9.00 in the morning and feeling the lovely Florida warmth on our skins. We could feel the warmth in the air as we breathed, but this was a wonderful heat (humidity!) which you didn’t want to go and shelter from, unlike the midday temperatures in the 90s which we weren’t so used to, but still enjoyed I might add! Outside yesterday afternoon it definitely felt like a Florida morning, as it does again today.

Summer doesn’t last too long in these parts and I’m aware now that we are entering August that fall is just around the corner once more, although it only feels like summer has just begun! I need to soak up rest in this next month and enjoy the delights that summer still has to offer. I hope to have many more Florida mornings!


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