This and That

5 Aug

Well, what am I up to? Probably nothing that will interest most of you! I’ve been enjoying the past few weeks off by getting back into knitting again. I took it up in December last year and kind of fell away again between February and May, however I’m back clicking away with my needles! I’ve gone from knitting hats and scarves to trying out a felted case and now I’m knitting Ben a sweater and have the wool to knit one for Jonathan and a cardigan for Grace plus wool on the way for a few tops for me! I’ve recently joined Ravelry – anyone out there on it? My user name is BritKnittingMama, but don’t expect to find loads of brilliant work on my page – the standard I’ve seen on the site is very high, mine is not!

Jonathan and I are also reading and discussing together Jim Palmer’s book Divine Nobodies (H/T Pam) which we are getting a lot out of, talking of which have you been to Pam’s and read any of her posts yet about Ordinary People and Revolution? Go on, get to it!


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