Prayer Request

12 Aug

Following our medicals for our immigration CIC have requested that we have Ben assessed by an educational psychologist to assess whether he will be an excessive demand on the Canadian health system. As most of you are aware he is not a drain on the system in the UK as he has no therapies, support etc, therefore we see no reason why he would suddenly become a drain on the Canadian system. However we feel a little anxious.

We’d really appreciate it if you could pray for us again. We so value your prayers and are thankful that you take time to pray for us.
Ben will have these tests today (Tues 12 August) and tomorrow (Weds 13 August) at 6pm in the evening (2pm Atlantic Time, 10am Pacific Time) for two to three hours each session.

Please pray
* that Ben performs the tests well (an IQ and communication test)
* that, as the appointments are in the evening, Ben will not be too tired and that it will not hinder his ability to complete the tests
* that the educational psychologist gets to know and see Ben as he really is and that God will be present and revealing to her in her diagnosis
* that the educational psychologist writes up a favourably report on Ben
* that we receive the report before she goes on holiday on 23 August
* that the immigration official dealing with our case will look favourably upon the report
* that there will be no further delays and that we will receive our visa early in the Autumn so that we can move to Canada before winter sets in
* that we will have safe travels as the appointment is one and a half hours drive from where we live.

Thank you so much.


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