We’re here!

14 Aug

So, often I come across posts where men are asking where the women are in bloggosphere. Well, we’re here, there are plenty of us. Maybe this is just another case of men are from mars and women are from venus. I find women bloggers share so much more of their lives within their blogging it is not just an egostitical trip or theological debate. It is real life.  For those of you who question where we are check out some of these great female bloggers and feel free to add your own in the comments.

…… and so many more.


9 Responses to “We’re here!”

  1. sonja August 14, 2008 at 15:58 #

    LOL …Lyn … when I first read your title I thought you’d had word on your papers to come to Canada. No matter, this is good news too.

    Here are some more womenzez from my reader.

    Christy Lambertson

    Molly Aley

    Christine Sine

    Tracy Simmons

    Erika Haub

    Peggy Brown

    Lori Bjerkander

  2. grace August 14, 2008 at 23:31 #

    A few additional names…


    Amber Bishop

    Rose Madrid-Swetman

    Kathy Escobar

  3. cindy August 17, 2008 at 01:43 #

    heh- i guess i’ve already stopped reading the blogs of the men who wonder where the women are! thanks, lyn. we needed that.

  4. lynhallewell August 17, 2008 at 09:27 #

    Your welcome, your blog is great.

  5. lynhallewell August 17, 2008 at 09:27 #


  6. lynhallewell August 18, 2008 at 21:54 #

    So true 🙂

  7. Maria August 29, 2008 at 23:40 #

    Thanks for including me… it’s an honor. And I can see I’m going to be adding feeds to my reader.

    I’ve been enjoying Jennifer at http://www.conversiondiary.com/ lately.

  8. lynhallewell August 31, 2008 at 10:27 #

    You’re welcome Maria, thanks for the link.


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    […] Bloggers Unite Posted on August 29, 2008 by Christine Sine Here is a great list of women bloggers that Lynne Hallewell put up on her blog Beyond the Four Walls. I am currently using it to up date […]

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