Christian confessions

3 Sep

I finally did it, I flipped. Last week we went away for a few days to the New Forest (had a great time). As we were driving through the forest the road went into a single lane that cars coming both ways had to use. As we entered this lane there were no other cars approaching from the other direction. Suddenly a Land Rover appeared from no where and proceeded to intimidate Jonathan, who was driving. He rapidly approached our car waving his hands in a direction that indicated that he want us to reverse down the lane to let him through. Problem – there were cars behind us. Solution – he should reverse as there were NO cars behind him. But no, he continued to move forward waving his arms. As the guy was almost on top of us Jonathan put his reverse lights on. Problem – he was so flustered that he forgot to look in the mirror. Consequence – we hit the car behind us.

At this I jumped out the car and flew at the man driving the Land Rover. I was incredibly narked with him and boy did he know it. I threw a few profanities in there and shouted “I have kids in the car” (oh, and wasn’t I setting them a great example). Thankfully the car behind us wasn’t damaged, we have a slight dent on our car, but not too noticeable.

I’ve thought about this incident a lot since it happened. Why was I so angry? Firstly, I think I am just so fed up with the way drivers in large vehicles like Land Rovers intimidate drivers and force their way through on the road. There is just no need for this type of driving. Apologies if you have a 4×4 off road type of car. I know not all 4×4 drivers are idiots on the road. We have an MPV so we are hardly a small car. Secondly, Jonathan and I have been so stressed out over the past month or so that, unfairly, I think this guys actions just made me finally snap, and, unfortunately he got the brunt of it.

I feel disappointed that I was not a loving Christian witness within this. I let myself down and have left my mark on this man – not a positive one. I’ve been thinking about how often, not only myself, but other Christians come across poorly to others. How we come across shouldn’t be about whether or not people know we are a Christian. I know we are human and our in our humanness we will make mistakes and never be perfect. However, we should strive to grow more and more Christ like each and every day. I’m not really sure that I do that.

So, I know I’m not the only one, let’s confess, where have you left your mark recently in a not so positive way?

Oh, and to the man in the New Forest, it’s very unlikely that you are reading this, but I’m sorry.


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