Dear Visa Officer

11 Sep

Dear Visa Officer,

I’d really appreciate it if you could let us know your decision about our visa asap, you see, the thing is, things are failing around here. My washing machine has been hanging in there for almost a year now. I currently have one program that works the whole way through a wash cycle without cutting out. I’d really like to have a dryer back again as I miss my old one and it doesn’t seem to stop raining around here. The microwave headed to the metal scrap yard four or five months ago now. My bread maker has been temperamental for a few months now and I’m sure it’s not going to hold on much longer before it, too, joins the microwave in scrap metal heaven. The vacuum is broken and is currently held together by a DIY bodge it job that does the trick for now. On Tuesday this week the television decided to join in the fun. I think the tube is going as the only colors on the screen now are neon. You can’t watch the news seriously when the presenters look like the incredible hulk with their green faces and hands.

We are holding in there, knowing it is pointless to replace said objects until we know if we are moving or not. A quick, speedy reply is now requested before anything else dies on us. Thank you.


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