Changes At Emergent Village

30 Oct

Emergent Village today announced a major change in structure that will position it less like a traditional non-profit organization and more like a social networking organization. The changes that they have announced sound quite positive. Tony Jones is no longer national director as that role has been discontinued. Below is an excerpt from their letter from the board.  Read more at Brother Maynard’s.

First, we need to be, as our name suggests, a village, which means we need to create and defend safe space in which people can have needed contact and conversation. The “city limits” for the village should be the four values (or rules of the order) that emergent has developed:

    A. Commitment to God in the Way of Jesus
    B. Commitment to the Church in all its Forms
    C. Commitment to God’s World
    D. Commitment to One Another

Second, also as our name suggests, we need to be a village about emergence. The timing of Phyllis Tickle’s important new book (The Great Emergence, Baker, 2008) could not have been better in this regard. The space we create must have room for prophetic and provocative input to challenge and resource us for ongoing emergence.


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