A Letter to America

3 Nov

To the American People,

Tomorrow you will be voting for your 44th President who will not only lead your country for at least the next four years, but his decisions will also shape and affect the world during that time. This has been an interesting election race to watch, especially to the outside world. History will be in the making tomorrow – which ever man wins. You will either elect your first non-white president and one of your youngest or you will elect your oldest president and first female VP.

Use your vote wisely. If you’ve not made up your mind then go for your gut reaction. Use your vote as your own, don’t be swayed or pressured by your pastor, family or friends who say you should vote for a particular person. Your vote is your voice, not theirs, vote for who you want to vote for. If you usually vote for a particular party, but feel drawn to the other guy this time, then vote for him, don’t feel tied to the way you’ve voted in the past. Don’t waste your vote.

I get the sense that there will be record turn out tomorrow. People seem to want their voices heard this time. It will either be a close call or a landslide. The world is waiting and watching you with anticipation. Bring it the change it’s hoping for.


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